19 Fun facts about leather

Leather is a preferred choice for many because it smells great. Leather is also comfortable, multi-purpose, durable, and expensive. It is made of animal hide. You can clean the leather very easily. There are some other fun facts relating to leather. Most of them are not obvious or widely known, but they are really interesting. The following are some of the amazing facts about leather.

  1. An average consumer use at least 4 leather products at a time, which include wallets, belts, strap of a wrist watch, and a pair of shoes.
  2. Every year, leather industry generates more than US $53.8 billion worldwide. Sale of leather footwear contributes around 60 percent.
  3. Leather is a natural and renewal resource
  4. Cowhide is the most common skin used for producing leather products
  5. Weight of the leather is measures in ounce per square foot
  6. Top grain leather will not ensure top quality
  7. Very difficult to produce white leather
  8. Once, leather was used as a stylish wallpaper
  9. Handmade leather mugs were very popular in England
  10. Leather is a by-product of cattle and dairy industry
  11. Romans were used leather sails widely on their boats. It is also used for their home furniture, armor, and shoes. Fashionable Egyptian women started wearing leather as a luxury fabric around 1000 BC
  12. Till 1818, leather shoes could be worn on any feet. They were assigned right and left in 1818. So, they could use the leather shoes without worrying about the wrong shoes on the wrong foot
  13. Traditionally, goatskin leather was used for making maps. Pigskins were used for carrying around water. There were no water bottles during that period.
  14. Stingray leather from Thailand is known as the most exotic leathers.
  15. Leather has been around for centuries
  16. Leather changes on the basis of surrounding environment
  17. Leather can also be made from the skin of salmon
  18. Leather has been popular since BC3000
  19. In the 19th century, leather golf balls were stuffed with feathers, which help to fill a top hat.

 The leather is a luxurious yet practical material in nature. The leather bag is the most preferred item that people search today. The leather quality will be extremely high if the hand feel is excellent. In simple words, if it is softer to your hand, the leather quality will be very high. Lots of factors affect the quality of leather. Numerous types of leather items are available today. Skilled craftsmen select the hide very carefully, which help to get the best color and texture.