Future of E-commerce: The Road to 2025

Today, more than half of the US population prefers online shopping. The youngsters in their 20s and 30s completely depend on online shopping than visiting traditional stores. Therefore, around 67 percent of the shoppers in the US prefer online shopping. However, you cannot say that this is a clear evidence of paradigm shift to ecommerce. This trend says the clear example of growing trends to ecommerce.

What are the trends you can see in 2017? Your primary objective is to serve your customers to shop from your store rather than the stores of others. Personalizing the shopping experience of customers is the best way to fulfill this objective. If you can offer greater personalization and efficient customer service, you will get more deals. The audience is anonymous in online marketplace. However, you can understand the demographics of your customers by recording the analytics of your website.

Future Trends in Ecommerce

Same Day Delivery

Amazon has started using drones to speed up the delivery process. Therefore, it can surely become a new norm in the near future. Today, companies take days or weeks to deliver a product. But, these drones help to deliver items to the customers in minutes. These drones are sent out with a specific address and they will land at the delivery location.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not a new term. Even the doctors get the assistance of robot in surgery. There is a rumor that the e-commerce websites will use the support of AI while serving customers. Thus, they can provide a better customer experience. Applications like Mona help to find users who are searching for products they want to purchase. Online customers always seek some guidance while making an online purchase. AI can do a lot in this regard.


Live chat is used by almost all sites and it is a widely used option. However, Chatbots are the next big thing in e-commerce market. It helps the online shopping experience entertaining, so it is the most preferred option for many users. Chatbots can work along with AL, which makes shopping easier.  

Better Product Photos

 Books are the best selling products online because there will not be any confusion regarding the look and feel of a book. All are aware that how to use a book. However, working on a product has greater importance in today’s world. Various different types of products are available online that range from clothing to mobile phones. But, if your product descriptions are non-existent, the sale will be very less.

Product images have a greater role in online sales process because people cannot use or feel product prior to purchase. So, if you fail to post good product photos, it will surely reduce the sale. 

New technologies for visualization will be the new trend. Therefore, customers can expect virtual reality or virtual dressing rooms. Videos will be the best tool for solving this problem. This will help to explain complicated products in an entertaining way. Thus, customers can also watch product videos.